Akc Bluediamond Yorkies - Yorkie puppy, Review 818230 My-Yorkie nursery
My nursery is over 600 sq ft.  It was either a game room or a nursery. The puppies won !   I have a terrible habit of buying endless toys and clothes as you can tell. They are worth every bit of time, energy, and dollars spent. We worked hard on it and spared no expense. Thanks to our family members for their help :-)
In the beginning.....:)
The End...
Unfortunately, I have to take the time to label all of them with my website because people seem to just love my pictures :) Some one even tried to create their own blue diamond yorkies page (located elsewhere) so they could use my pictures. This is why I put located in Florida on my index page and that you will only receive emails from bluediamondyorkies@yahoo.com.  I also put my website across my pics now instead of just blue diamond yorkies. The cribs have plexiglass inserts so the babies fall out. I add this to the scoffers that say a puppy can't stay in a crib. That was my first one done. I had them all eventually custom made for my cribs.  Zoom in on the pink crib !!! Yes-yes they can :-) Mind you- I did all this BEFORE I was blessed with grandchildren. This is something I did more so for myself than the puppies. They don't really care. I however, like visually appealing with neat, clean, and organized to top it off.